PWA for WordPress based on Vue.js.

Hi! It’s great to see you here 😃

Please, be aware that the current stage of Vue WordPress project is late Alpha. The module is still not 100% tested and this means that you might discover some yet unknown errors/bugs while working with it. Right now we are slowly entering the Beta phase with Vue WordPress and have planned to release it for production use and wide distribution by the end of August 2019.

We are commited to delivering high-quality, fuck-up-proof code and which requires both writing unit tests and time to play around the module’s features. Moreover, we not only care about the quality of the software we are releasing, but we also do care about everything around it, especially:

  1. Live Demos showing the true possibilities of this module
  2. Video Tutorials and Webcasts

    and probably what’s most important and time-consuming to work on:

  3. Inightful and easy-to-follow Documentation (which we are working on continuosly as the project is being developed).

If you’d like to learn more about Vue WordPress, contact us at: